Venue and accommodation


The Summer School on Computational Topology will be held in Ljubljana at the Faculty of mathematics and Physics, University of Ljubljana (map) from July 1st to July 5th 2013. Talks will be in Room 2.02.

If you intend to get to Ljubljana by plane you can fly directly to Ljubljana Airport. The buses from the Airport to the main railway station run frequently and you can then use the Ljubljana City Public Transport to get to your hotel. Taxi or shuttle services are also available.

Another option is to fly to Zagreb Airport and then take a train to Ljubljana. Train connections are available from Croatia and Austria but there is no direct connection from Italy. One option is to take a train to Trieste and then a bus to Ljubljana.


For students accommodation is included in the registration. We will arrange for rooms and some meals at Dijaški dom Vič, which is only a 5-minute walk from the Faculty building. They offer double or triple rooms and shared facilites (3 toilets, 3 showers and 5 sinks for about 10 rooms)

If you have applied for free accomodation we are assuming that you will arrive to Dijaski dom Vic on June 30th and will leave on July 5th. If you wish, you can arrive earlier or stay longer, but you will have to pay for the extra days (about 23 euros per night). Let us know and we will contact Dijaski dom for you so they know when to expect you.

If you do not wish to stay at Dijaški dom Vičc and wish to arrange for your own accomodation instead (at your own cost), please let us know as you register. You can find a list of hotels or hostels, but we recommend you reserve your room directly via e-mail and not through the website.

Other useful information

An open and free WiFi network is available at Ljubljana Airport. Both the faculty building and Dijaški dom Vič have Eduroam access points. Ljubljana also has a public WiFi network at the city centre. You can access it for free for up to 1 hour per day.

To use the "Trola" buses you need to purchase the city smart paycard Urbana. You can check the bus schedules at this website or via this app. A map of bus routes is available here. There is a bus stop directly in front of the faculty building (#1 Jadranska) and another one a bit closer to Dijaški dom (#1 Gerbičeva). To get to the railway station you need to change from the line #1 to the line #6 at Hajdrihova, Tobačna, Aškrčeva, Drama or Konzorcij and then get off #6 at Bavarski dvor. If you choose to walk instead, the city centre is only 20 minutes away.

Ljubljana also has an inexpensive rent-a-bike service called Bicikelj. Note that you have to sign up at the site and provide credit card information if you wish to use the system. You will also need the Urbana city card to identify yourself at the bike terminals. You can use these apps (Android, iOS) to locate the stations.

Here is a map noting the location of some nearby stores, restaurants and cafes:
  • Restaurants:
  1. Restavracija Interspar Vič (Jamova 105)
  2. Via Bona (Tbilisijska 59)
  3. Hombre (Gerbičeva 61)
  4. Rožna hiša (Rožna dolina cesta II/3)
  5. Restavracija IJS (Jamova 39)
  6. Lonček kuhaj (Teslova 30)
  7. Mirje (Tržaška 5)
  8. Trnovski zvon (Eipprova 17)
  • Cafes:
  1. Sir Winston tea room and Santana coffee bar (Jamova 105, in the shopping centre)
  2. Egoist lounge bar (Tržaška 37)
  3. Cafe Maj (Jadranska 17)
  • Stores:
  1. Interspar (Jamova 105)
  2. Hofer (Gerbičeva 103)
  3. Mercator (Gerbičeva 49)
  4. Mercator (Tržaška 37)
If you have a smartphone, try Odpiralni časi (Android, iOS). This app will show you nearby stores and restaurants along with the opening hours and other useful information. You can enable English language in the menu. Alternatively, you can use the website (in Slovenian).